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Ferry From Spain To Morocco

The shortest crossing between the Spanish mainland and Morocco is the ferry connection between Tarifa and Tangier. illustration The ferries that depart from Tarifa to the destination in Morocco are the only ones that reach Tangers Med, which is 40 minutes away from TANGER. These trips are daily and the journey time from Tarifia to Tangier is between 1 and 2 hours. The ferry company that operates the ferry connection Tarifa - Tangier is FRS Inter - Shipping. The best way to travel from Spain to Morocco is to avoid long queues, as passport control is done at the terminal, while other ferry routes have passport checks in the ferry terminals. If you are travelling from mainland Spain to Ceuta or Melilla, you must pass through border controls. Most of the ships that operate the ferry service between Spain and Morocco offer the possibility to take your car to Morocco by ferry. Alternatively, most Spanish ports have relatively low daily rates. If you are an early bird and want to dream of your trip to Ceuta, Melilla or even the other side of Spain, we have made it easier than ever to find ferries. You can use ferry hopper to find the nearest ferry terminal, parking and other information about the ferry service. The ticket can be booked in advance on our website or in person at the ferry terminal in Madrid, Ceuta, Melilla or other ports. If you are looking for more inspiration for your dream trip, visit our interactive ferry map and get some ideas. There are several ports in mainland Spain and Morocco that serve as ferry connections from Spain to Morocco. Moroccan port, select a port and choose one of the options in which you base your options for it. description To start your ferry trip in Morocco, be sure to choose the port closest to your destination, such as Casablanca, Algiers or Al-Azhar, as these are the most popular ports for ferries between the two countries. The duration of the trip depends on the choice of departure and arrival port and the number of passengers on the ferry. The company also offers its passengers a free bus service from Algeciras to Tarifa, which takes about one hour. The high-speed ferry takes 35 minutes to get to Tangier and departs from the windsurfing capital at 7: 30 a.m. on the first day of the trip. A return ticket for adults costs around 37 euros, and FRS offers goods and services along the route as well as a free bus service from Tarifa to Tangier. FRS Ferries Rapidos del Sur offers the fastest connection between Europe and Africa and is only 35 minutes from Tarifa to the Med port of Tangier, which is located a few kilometers from the port city of Toulouse. FRS has been operating this legendary route since its inception in 2000, and operates ferries every two hours, with a return trip every 30 minutes. The ferry arrives at the Mediterranean port of Tangier at around 7: 30 a.m., while the crossing takes a little longer.  re-creation Tarifa to Tangier is the best route to travel through the congested Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. Morocco is one of the most popular destinations for the more than a dozen ferries that depart daily from Tarifa and depart every two hours, with a return trip every 30 minutes. For some people, it fits their travel plans that Tangier, the Mediterranean and its city, are better connected to Algeciras than Tarias. If you have some time before your departure, you can visit the city of Tarias, a popular tourist destination for tourists and locals. It is also possible to take other ferries, you can find other popular ferry routes that depart from Spain, such as the ferry Tarias - Madrid, the ferry San Francisco and the ferry Madrid - Barcelona. The Tangier ferry connects Morocco, Spain, Italy and France with the port city of Tarias, the second largest port in Morocco and the third largest in the world. The crossing is carried out daily, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 passengers per day and an average speed of 30 km / h. Moroccan immigration formalities are handled on board the ferry to save time on arrival. The ferry company also offers a range of other services, such as food and drink for passengers and staff, as well as medical services. The Barcelona to Morocco ferry is the longest alternative crossing between Spain and Morocco. There are other recommended ferry routes for tourists visiting Tangier and for those who continue to Morocco by train or bus, but this ferry is not recommended due to the high cost of travel and the long journey. GNV Grimaldi Lines operates ferry services from Barcelona to Tangier in the Mediterranean Sea and the crossing takes about 30 hours. There are 2 ferry lines to Morocco, connecting Barcelona with Nador, the capital of Morocco, and Tangier port in Morocco. The crossing between Barcelona and Nador is offered weekly by the ferry companies GN V and Grimaldi Line and normally takes 26 hours And there is a 2-ferry route from Morocco to Barcelona.