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Fez by train
3 days / 2 nights

Travel to Fez by train. 3 days.

Built in a valley, Fez is a city with charm; its medina is a  World Cultural Heritage Site and is undoubtedly the most impressive in Morocco. The sounds, smells, artists and bustle of the streets of this wonderful city will captivate you and fill you with wonder. Fez is actually three cities in one. The new city, “Bali Fez” and “Jedid Fez" also known as the "New Fez" is an expansion of an earlier metropolis, which was ruled under the Benimerines dynasty in the thirteenth century.Fez Morocco_03.jpg

Fez is home to one of the largest labyrinths, with more than 9,400 streets that wind in and out of market places. Wandering the labyrinth, you’ll notice how the artisans here separate themselves by trade with neighborhoods of craftsmen, potters, tailors and many more. Wander through Fez´s open air market and let your senses guide you through its narrow streets, many of which have no outlet, others completely covered, sending you back in time to when markets and bargaining were a way of life.

Since the streets are winding and very narrow and the houses very high, there isn’t much sunlight that makes its way down to the ground. Bursts of light and shadows dance along the walls of buildings amplifying the feeling of being in another world. Mirrors, perfumes, chickens, pigeons, silver, gold, slippers, sandals, djellabas, drums, vegetables, fruits, pottery, ceramics, cast iron, herbs, spices, King portraits, cereals, books, glassware and everything imaginable, it is all here. The donkeys’ constant clatter of carrying goods from various origins will transport you to an unknown magical world only to be broken by the cry of "balek" from the animals owner, alerting the pedestrians to “watch out” as the donkeys make their way through.


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  • Once in Tarifa, you need to look for the sign for the port. The port is very well located near the city center. You can park your car inside the port (about 12 €). Look for the shipping company desk where you will get your tickets with the voucher we will send to you.
  • Express ferry leaves to Morocco. Do not forget to stamp your passport at the desk of the police during the journey in the ferry (aprox. 35 minutes). 
  • Arrive to Tangier, pass the luggage control and meet the driver with a sign and your name on it.
  • Transportation to the train station. 
  • Departure of the train to Fez.
  • Arrival to Fez and transfer to the Hotel.
  • Dinner at the hotel


  • Breakfast at the hotel and free time.
  • Dinner at the Hotel.


  • Breakfast at the hotel. Free time.
  • Transportation to the train station at the agreed time.
  • Departure of the train to Tangier.
  • Arrival to Tangier and transportation to the port.
  • Express ferry leaves to Tarifa.
  • Express Ferry Tickets Tarifa-Tangier-Tarifa (35 minutes).
  • Transportation between the port and the train station.
  • First class train tickets from Tangier to Fez and back to Tangier.
  • Transports between the train station and the hotel. 
  • 2 nights at Hotel Sofia with half board.
  • Cancellation insurance fees (available for purchase)
  • Beverages: must be paid for directly to the waiters.
  • Extra charge in high season.
  • Local guide to visit Fez on request (25 €/per person).
  • Tips.

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  • Daily departures


It is mandatory to bring your passport with the expiry date of  at least 6 months!


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