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Shared Housing in Seville
Looking for housing during your time in Sevilla? 

Solchasers Sevilla is here to help you find the perfect accommodations to fit your every need. We offer various sized apartments with a wide variety of prices ranges. You have the opportunity to choose between a single apartment, one with other students, young workers or with a family. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will do whatever we can to fulfill your every desire. 

Rooms in a shared flat in Seville
The most economic living option is living in a shared flat. However, it is also an amazing opportunity to meet exciting people from around the world and build friendships. Simply tell us your preferences and we’ll find you the best flat according to your necessities. Some of the options available are shared housing with Spanish people, other foreigners, students or workers. You also have the option to decide whether to live with all boys/girls or mixed sexes. The flats are located throughout Seville and are very well-equipped. Prices vary from 150-300 from 150 to 300 € per room, depending on many factors. These factors include but are not limited to location, the size of the room and other characteristics such as electricity, internet, phone etc.

Living with a family in Seville
The best option for you may be to live with a family if you prefer a quiet environment and are eager to learn more about life and customs in Seville. This is also an excellent way to improve your Spanish language skills. There are multiple options to choose from such as simple accommodation or accommodation with additional services included such as half/full board, meals, cleaning services, laundry etc.

Rooms per day in Seville 
If you are traveling to Sevilla for a short period of time, such as a short holiday or to attend some of our festivities (Semana Santa, Feria) a great option is to choose to rent a room per day. Rooms can be booked in advance and there are rooms and apartments in a wide variety of price ranges, such as 15- 35 € and 30-100 € during special events.

Apartments for rent in Seville
If you are hoping to spend your time in Seville living in a comfortable and private environment, an apartment is the way to go. We offer accommodation in apartments with one (single or double) or several bedrooms.
It is 100% free to check out the options we have available, obtain more information and to book through our web site or by phone! We encourage you to give us a chance to show you all that we have to offer. Solchasers will provide you with all the information you need to book your housing in an efficient and stress free way. You have the option to visit the available housing units prior to making your decision, and feel free to stop into our office for more information on this matter. This service will have an administrative cost of 50 €, but it is worth it as we ensure satisfaction.