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Morocco trip - Marrakech and Essaouira
Zoco. Marrakech.

... from Marrakech to Essaouira.

Don’t miss out on this voyage back in time. Wander through the bazaar where the flow of traditional robed crowds will enchant you. You’ll see the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque (sister of Seville’s famous tower the Giralda). Experience the greatest show on earth in Jmaa el-Fna Square: jugglers, snake-charmers, magicians and wizards, story-tellers, acrobats and boxers . . . Shop and bargain in the bazaar. Listen to the hum of the looms, immerse yourself in the human sea and lose yourself in the maze of narrow streets under the seemingly endless domes. Get to know a way of life totally different from your own and experience the wonderful hospitality of the capital of southern Morocco!

- every day from the airport of Marrakech.

195 Euros with bed and breakfast (minimum of 4 persons).
295 Euros with bed and breakfast (minimum of 2 persons).

- Private tansportation for the entire itinierary.
- 1 night in Essaouira - "Riad Al Khansaa" with breakfast.
- 2 nights in Marrakech - "Riad Elias" with breakfast.
- Local taxes of the hotel included.
- Local guides for the visits to Marrakech and Essaouira
- Entrance fees: Palacio Bahia and Tumbas Saadies in Marrakech.

- Insurance cancellation fees, however this is available for purchase.
- Tips.

The riad is the best way to live the spirit of the Moroccan culture and its medinas, typically near the souks without abandoning them to the comfort and charm. The riad is a traditional accommodation. Riads are some large houses located mainly in the medina, the rooms are usually arranged around a courtyard with fountain and decorated with mosaics. On the ground floor there is normally a big Moroccan lounge where to receive the guests. The rooms tend to have large windows made of wrought iron or carved wood. The riads have been bought and restored in the past by the Europeans after living decades of neglect, now open to welcome you and to offer all the luxury and charm of Moroccan hospitality. They vary in price depending on the comfort and quality of services offered. Some of them have also "hammam" and Moroccan eateries. They usually have few rooms, so they are the ideal place to spend some time with family or in small groups of friends, since it is difficult to find more than 10 rooms and most of them have between six and eight rooms.

Essaouira Marrakech
.. Essaouira .............................................Marrakech

FIRST DAY: Marrakech - Essaouira
Meet the driver at the airport of Marrakech after arrival of your flight.
Transfer to Essaouira.
Check-in at Riad "Al Khansaa".
Meet the local guide at the reception and start the guided tour of Essaouira. Famous for the prison in Mogador, the most feared of all Morocco at the time of being a Portuguese colony. The medina was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and is an excellent place to eat the fruits of the Atlantic. The fortifications of the old part of town are a combination of Portuguese military architecture, French and Berber.
Free time.

SECOND DAY: Essaouira - Marrakech
Breakfast and check-out.
Free time.
5.00 PM - Meet the driver at the reception of the Riad.
Transfer to Marrakech.
Check-in at Riad "Elias".
Free time.

THIRD DAY: Marrakech
Breakfast at the Riad.
8:30 AM - Meet the local guide at the reception and start the guided tour of Marrakech. Visit to the Bay Palace, the Saadi Tombs and the Jamaa el Fna Square.
Afternoon at leisure and free time for dinner. We recommend visiting Jamaa el Fna Square at night seen from one of its terraces. This is a wonderful way to appreciate and enjoy how the atmosphere changes so peacefully.

FOURTH DAY: Marrakech
Breakfast at the Riad. Free time.
Transfer to the airport of Marrakech at the agreed time (about 2 hours before departure of your flight).