Office Hours  Internships in Seville
Asilah, Chefchaouen and Tangiers
Country house in the medina of Chefchaouen
Morocco tour - Marrakech and Essaouira
Sahara Desert Tour from Marrakech, 4 days
Private Morocco Tour to Marrakech, Sahara, Fez, Meknes


Next tours from Seville:
Fez from Seville, 3 days 199 €
North Morocco tour from Seville, 3 days 179€
Tangier from Seville, 3 days 99 €
Asilah from Seville, 3 days 149 €
Chaouen from Seville, 3 days169 €
Asilah and Chaouen from Seville, 3 days 199 €


Northern Morocco - 4 days
Asilah, Chaouen and Tangier

Country house

Marrakech - 4 days
Marrakech and Essaouira / Riad
Marrakech and Essaouira / Hotel

Four Wheel Drive (private tours)
Route 1 - Sahara and Marrakech
Route 2 - Casablanca, Marrakech, Sahara, Fez



Weekend tours to Morocco
Weekend tour to Tangier - 75 Euros
Northern Morocco from Málaga or Seville

Tours from Madrid
Asilah and Tangier from Madrid
"Imperial Cities" from Madrid

Tour to Morocco - 1 day
Tangier from Málaga
Tangier from Tarifa
Tétouan and Tangier from Algeciras

Tour to Morocco - 2 days
Asilah and Tangier
Tangier - Hotel Tarik 3*/Continental 3*
Tangier - Hotel Atlas Almohades 4*

Tour to Morocco - 3 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Fez from Seville
Fez by train
Tangier from Málaga
Tangier - Hotel "Chellah" 3*
Tangier - Hotel "Husa Solazur" 4*
Tangier - Hotel "El Minzah" 5*

Tour to Morocco - 4 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Chefchaouen + Fez by train
Sahara and Marrakech

Tour to Morocco - 5 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Sahara Desert Tour
Marrakech from Málaga or Seville

Tour to Morocco - 7 days
Fez, Marrakech and Sahara
"Imperial Cities" from Málaga

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Morocco tour

Morocco is a country where the colors are vivid, the contrasts are intense, and views are picturesque. Landscapes range from snow-capped peaks to hot, rolling sand dunes dotted with Kasbahs and mystical Berber villages. One can enjoy the mystical scenes and the strong aromas in the maze-like bustling souks of Fez and appreciate the vibrant blend of cultures in the narrow shaded alleyways of medieval Fez-Medina or get provoked for memorable adventure in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.

We are experts in Morocco and Seville's only travel agency with its own staff in this lovely country.

Upcoming Tours "Fall 2014"

Marrakech and Essaouira Tour1 Asilah, Chaouen, Tangier Sahara and Marrakech Essaouira and Marrakech Tour2

Ask for our unbeatable prices for private mini groups
or surf through this website.

Small Group Tours
We have a variety of scheduled tours to Morocco available for those who enjoy travelling in fully guided small groups. You are expected to arrive in the destination city on the 1st day of the tour date which is kept free so all participants have time to rest before excitement begins. Our experienced tour professionals work delicately on each itinerary to ensure a good balance of sightseeing, travelling and leisure in all our tours.

Tours, Transfers & Accommodation
These tours are escorted by English speaking professional tour guides and include accommodation, breakfasts, transfers, transportation with air-conditioned vehicles, sightseeing and entrance fees as specified in our day-to-day itineraries. Some tours include additional meals and domestic flights as well. Twin-sharing accommodations are usually limited with 1 or 2 carefully selected properties, among which travellers have the opportunity to choose the hotel category - value, superior or luxurious where available.

International Flights
International air fare is quoted separately to provide you the opportunity of choosing your preferred airline, itinerary or connections. You can book your own flights or we can happily hunt for the most competitive consolidator rates for your international flights.

Where to begin?
You have decided on your destination but perhaps you are not clear on when to travel, how long to stay, which itinerary to choose etc. Here is where our expertise and personalized service become important; we will help you in determining the best programme suiting your needs and expectations. Once we agree on the tour and confirm the availability, the countdown begins. Upon receiving your booking request, we will initiate the flight, hotel & tour reservations, will keep you posted on the status and finally will provide your confirmation document. The confirmation document will include all details you require such as day-to-day itinerary, hotel names, domestic flights and 24hr emergency contact information. In most cases, actual hotel vouchers and/or paper tickets for domestic flights are delivered by our local guides upon your arrival.

Please note that although various group tours might sound similar, the competency of the tour guides, the quality of the hotels, the planning of the itineraries, and the composition of groups are the important variables that define the quality of overall group tour experience. We have the know-how and the local expertise to operate and plan signature tours to our destinations.

Why custom & private tours to Morocco?
Custom tours or private tours are fully customized itineraries offering complete flexibility to travellers who prefer to be independent. We will work closely with you to design a tour that exactly fits your pace, interests and budget. Here are the common reasons why some travellers prefer private tours: You might find one of our group tours appealing but dates might not fit You have certain accommodation preferences (for example heritage hotels, cave hotels etc…) There are certain places you would like to visit but are not included in regular itineraries You want to have full control on where to go, how to go, how long to stay, when to relax, when to shop etc. Simply you prefer privacy and personalized service!

Tours, Transfers & Accommodation in Morocco
You are in charge of the entire programme. We will arrange your private transportation, tour guides, tours, flights, hotels and will endeavour our best to provide any specific requests you might have. We have the expertise, first-hand knowledge of our destinations and bulk purchasing power that will save you time, money and hassle. You will have the freedom as well as the full support of our local staff to make sure everything goes according to plan. You can also keep contact with our main office in Canada if you have any inquires while traveling. This will provide you the peace of mind that is essential for a memorable travel experience.

Affordable Private Tours?
Private tours cost little higher due to the personal service you will be receiving throughout the itinerary. But in the end, your preferences will determine the total cost. We can cater for almost any budget, from backpack hostels to the glamorous palace hotels and for a wide range of special interests; we will try our best to plan you a comfortable tour within your budget considerations.

Final note: ENJOY Planning your tour to Morocco
We believe excitement of each journey begins while planning it and we are ready to share your excitement! Give us a call and let’s discuss your dream journeys. Do not hesitate to ask questions, we will do our best to answer all your queries.