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Information about Essaouira

Informtion about Essaouira

ESSAOUIRA MARRUECOSA while ago, when the Phoenician ships, Carthaginians, Romans or Portuguese saled a lot on the coasts of Morocco, on the bay of Essaouira, they were attracted bt the port, as much as they could resist. In the port of Essaouira a marine could find everything that he needed: cloth, salt, spices, sugar, cereals, gun powder...

 Essaouira is a fortified city with a mixed architectural style, with an ocean that converts it prefered city of Morocco to do windsurf or kite surf and spearfishing. Calm small bays, sun is shining more than 300 days ina year with refreshing breeze, wooden handycraft of tulla is found everywhere in Morocco, delicious local kitchen, a warm sincere welcome is waitinf for you in Essaouira. Everything that a travller could ever dream about.

Close your Eyes. Imagine that 1500 has passed. Couple of ships are docking in the bay of Essaouira. These are the Portuguese who want to be the owners of the city and are planning it for ever. Building frightening fortnesses and prisoning the rebels.

Lets go to the year 1774. European merchant ships are arriving to change their products with local manufacturers for their fabulous African richness. Essaouira has converted to the maritime port of Tombuctu, a channel of half of the maritime commercial of Morocco. Sultán Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellah is the author of that development, he made big sacrifices to compete wit the biggest rival the port of Agadir. The urban plan was delgated by the French engineer, who designed the Puerta of Marina- that eases the access to port- that circles the city of murallas and a made the scuare steets popular. 

The beauty of Essaouira is not found only on the paintings. What a strange perspective form of street, bordered by the white houseswith blue doors. 

The preciseness of details on the facade of antique dwelling of Pacha, today known as museum of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, full of the treasures of local art. Like an exit on the painting of Delacroix. Everybody admire heir jewellery of exceptional technique from Jew goldsmiths: long and elegant chisel  earrings, fibulas, hinge bracelets, ankle bracelets and silver necklesses


What to do

ESSAOUIRA 1.JPGWhat to see, visit and do while being in Essaouira

Climbing up the walls of Essaouira, you could travel back in centuries. Roman galleys sailing towards shipyards that were built in the 1st century before the Christ by the king Juba II in the Purpurina islands. These islands got their name from the apreciated gunpowder.

Passing by the Medina, you could observ the good work of artisans who can embed into your wood, lemon tree, nacre or silver dread, that atracts the visitors. How well would it fit this piece of art to your home!

Agradable, sugerente y llena de magia, Essaouira atrae desde el siglo XVI a escritores, eruditos, artesanos, escultores y pintores  marroquíes. Hoy por hoy Essaouira es uno de los centros más activos del arte contemporáneo de Marruecos.

Now get back to admire well designed Essaouira, afterwards getting down from the walls and returning to the city to enjoy  Essaouira.


There is a tree spread around the region of Essaouira, that is only found in Morocco. This tree has walnuts that  are used to make oil but nowadays used in the cosmetics as well. The goats love the leaves of the tree and are not afraid to climb up the trees to have a feast.


Over the "skala" of the kasbah the cannons of Essaouira form the line. This place was chosen by Orson Welles and appearen in his movie Otelo.

Definitely go up to the square tower. The exlamations of fishers spreading out their nets and marines carrying the boxes full of fish. The sardine smell will make you hungry. You will never get bored looking at the port of Essaouira.

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