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Information about Casablanca

 Information about Casablanca

                    Casablanca is the economic and financial capital of Morocco and is the largest city in the country with more than five million people. On the east coast of Morocco and bathed by the Atlantic ocean, Casablanca is gorgeous and magical city on the sea.

                    Dar el Beida is the name that Casablanca was given in the eighteenth century when Sultan Mohamed Ben Abbey first founded the city. The mosque, school, and hammam, otherwise known as a bathhouse, were the first buildings in the city, the basic pillars necessary to live in harmony. The city revolved around these 3 buildings and has become the city that it is today because of them.


                    The Hassan II Mosque, Plaza of the United Nations, the Anfa district, and the Corniche are all landmarks of this wonderful city. Its shops, restaurants and private clubs make for a collection of attractions that make Casablanca such a cosmopolitan city.

                    Of course you will find tourists wandering Casablanca looking for Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and scenes from the famous 1940’s movie. But there are not many who know that Casablanca was actually filmed with painted decorations and recreated on set in studios in Florida and that not a single scene was filmed in Morocco.

                    Either way, let your imagination wander and sit in any Corniche terrace with a drink in hand, waiting for Ilsa and Rick to appear while “As Time Goes By” plays in the background.

What to do

Knowing What to Do, Visit and See in Casablanca

Casablanca has three great aspects to it: The great, urban city, bustling with businessmen and rush hour traffic, then there is the traditional culture to remind you that you are still in Northern Africa, and then the seaside culture that is beautiful and calming. It is well worth your time to make it around the entire city of Casablanca to really understand what life here is like.

When visiting the city center, you cannot forget to stop and check out the commercial and financial center in the Twin Center, named for its twin towers. The Center was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill Levi. Built in 1998, the towers are completely identical and stand 115 meters tall with 28 floors.

One of the towers houses one of the most expensive and best hotels in the city: The Kenzi Tower Hotel. You can’t miss out on their restaurant/bar with its amazing view of the city from high above.

On your walk to the Twins, you will come across a crossroads of two major thoroughfares of the city, Zerktouni Avenue and Avenue Mohamed Al Massira Al Khadra. These two streets are home to some of the best boutiques in Casablanca for your inner shop-aholic.

Behind the Twins is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Casablanca, called the Maarif neighborhood. It is a neighborhood of small streets. When visiting this neighborhood, we recommend you stop by the famous market known for its small, cozy charm. We also suggest that you make a pit stop at one of the dozens of Mosques found in Casablanca: El- Andalous, beautifully decorated with green and white detail.

But there is more to Casablanca than the city center and markets, The other way to see the city is understand their religion and way life. Make a point to visit all of the mosques, especially the world’s tallest temple located on Boulevard Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah. The minaret is 200m high and can be seen from several miles away. This mosque is built partly on reclaimed land because according to the Quran, the seat of God is at hand on water.

The mosque is able to accommodate 105,000 people: 80,000 in the courtyard outside and 25,000 inside the prayer room. This is must-see attraction on your visit to Casablanca. Admission is 120 dirhams for a guided, on-hour tour in the language of your choosing. But be careful, the last tour is at 3pm.
And even though soccer is the national sport, you’d think it was sitting in a café drinking mint tea since the people of Morocco are professionals at that. Just sit back, people watch, contemplate life and take in all the beauty that the city has to offer.

Another must-see attraction in Casablanca are the two malls located by the sea, one of which is located on the coast, near the great mosque. Anfa Place was designed by the British architect Norman Foster. From the front of the mall, you have a gorgeous view of the Saudi mosque.

The other is older but more impressive. It is also found on the coast, a few kilometers further south. It is called Morocco Mall it is the largest mall on the African continent.

In between the two malls, besides all the beachfront businesses, you’ll find Corniche, a route full of social clubs, with members-only pools, restaurants, bars and gyms. This area attracts all kinds of locals and tourists during the summer who come for the nightlife on the beach. You can also go for runs along the beach, a very popular activity for people working out or simply strolling by the sea.

Another interesting place to visit is the Marabout near the beach. It is a construction made in honor Sidi Abderrahmane. This monument is not a normal religious building or place of worship – it is a burial ground. The Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane is located just off the coast of Casablanca and the actual tombs on the rocky piece of land look like little white domes. The tomb belongs to Sidi Abderrhamane Thaalibi, the founder of the Thaalibiya, what is now knows as Algiers. He is considered to be a Saint in the eyes of most Moroccan natives, thus making his burial grounds on the coast a sort of holy ground.

Another item for your to-do-list is the neighborhood of Endowments, also referred to as the New Medina. It is beautiful to see, where traditional, everyday life coincides with one of the touristiest parts of the city
We don’t want you to miss anything on you excursion to Casablanca from the famous courtyard olives, full of flavor and color, to the markets selling camel meat, the children playing in the streets, with some tourists mixed in. This is an experience that you will never forget.

Restaurants & Bars
There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the city but the two most famous restaurants are is Rick's Cafe and Sqala. The latter is near the old walls that protected the city. They both serve traditional Moroccan food with a very good location and a nice patio. We fully recommend them both.
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