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Tangier from Seville, 3 days
Asilah from Seville, 3 days
Tetouan from Seville, 3 days
Chaouen from Seville, 3 days
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Tangier and Chaouen from Seville, 3 days
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Four Wheel Drive (private tours)
Route 1 - Sahara and Marrakech
Route 2 - Casablanca, Marrakech, Sahara, Fez

Northern Morocco - 4 days
Asilah, Chaouen and Tangier

Marrakech - 4 days
Marrakech and Essaouira / Riad
Marrakech and Essaouira / Hotel



Weekend tour to Morocco
Northern Morocco from Málaga or Seville

Tour from Madrid
Asilah and Tangier from Madrid
"Imperial Cities" from Madrid

Tour to Morocco - 1 day
Tangier from Málaga
Tangier from Tarifa
Tétouan and Tangier from Algeciras

Tour to Morocco - 2 days
Asilah and Tangier
Tangier - Hotel Tarik 3*/Continental 3*
Tangier - Hotel Atlas Almohades 4*

Tour to Morocco - 3 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Asilah and Tangier from Madrid
Fez from Seville
Fez by train
Tangier from Málaga
Tangier - Hotel "Continental" 3* (low cost)
Tangier - Hotel "Chellah" 3*
Tangier - Hotel "Husa Solazur" 4*
Tangier - Hotel "El Minzah" 5*

Tour to Morocco - 4 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Chefchaouen + Fez by train
Marrakech and Ourika Valley
Sahara and Marrakech

Tour to Morocco - 5 days
Asilah and Chefchaouen
Sahara Desert Tour
Marrakech from Málaga or Seville

Tour to Morocco - 7 days
Country house - Chefchaouen
Fez, Marrakech and Sahara
"Imperial Cities" from Málaga
"Imperial Cities" from Madrid

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How to reach Morocco from Spain
Day tour to Morocco

The best way to reach Morocco from Andalucía is by fast ferry either from Algeciras or from Tarifa; both villages can be reached by public bus. The fast ferry journey takes from 45 minutes to 70 minutes depending of the port you are leaving.

To Algeciras from Seville you have 2 bus companies: Transportes Generales Comes and Linesur. We strongly recommend you to use Linesur (read more) as it has more frequency of buses (8 departures a day) especially for the journey back to Seville, and also they offer discounts to students. Tel: +34 954 98 82 22. Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station. The journey takes about 2 hours and a half. The bus drop you off at the port of Algeciras, what makes it an easy way to reach Morocco from Seville.

The price of a return ticket to Algeciras from Seville costs around 30 €. We recommend you to buy an open return as delays are regular in the fast ferries lines. To Tarifa from Seville, once you are at Algeciras port there is a free connection bus Algeciras to Tarifa provided by the fast ferry line Tarifa - Tangiers. This bus leaves the port of Algeciras one hour before the departure of Tarifa´s fast ferry. So if you are travelling from Tarifa to Morocco, make sure your selected bus arrives to Algeciras with plenty of time to get the connection bus.

Transportes Generales Comes runs this route, but they only have 3 buses a day and the combination with the ferries is not the best.

You can fly with "Easy Jet" to Tangier. It leaves every day from Madrid Barajas Terminal 1, and the journey does not take more than 45 minutes flight.

Book your flight with more than 2 months and you will get a very good fare around 50 € a return flight ticket.

Iberia also has a daily flight shared with Royal Air Maroc.