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Tour to Chefchaouen and Fez by train
Tour from Spain to Chefchaouen, Fez and Asilah

... from Tarifa ..."the South of Spain"... to Chefchaouen + Fez by train.

- every day.

FINAL PRICE PER PERSON (minimum of 2 persons):
267 Euros from Tarifa in double room.
Supplement for a single room - 60 Euros.

Riad Assilah (Chefchaouen)
Rue Imam Chadli 19
Souika - Medina
Ph.: 00212 (0) 539883000

Hotel Sofia 4*.
Av Arabie Saudite N° 3.
30000 Fez.
Ph.: 00212 (0) 535 65 49 39.

- Fast Ferry Tickets Tarifa-Tangier-Tarifa (35 minutes).
- Transfer by private taxi "Port of Tangier - Chefchaouen - Tangier".
- Return transfer by private taxi "Train station Fez - Hotel Sofia".
- 1 night at Riad Assilah, Chefchaouen with bed and breakfast.
- 2 nights in Fez at "Hotel Sofia" 4* with breakfast and dinner.
- Return train tickets FIRST CLASS "Tangier - Fez".

- Insurance cancellation fees, however this is available for purchase.
- Beverages of the meals muest be paid directly to the waiters.
- Tips
- OPTIONAL: Visit to Chefchaouen with local guide: 25 Euros (aprox. 2 hrs.).
- OPTIONAL: Visit to Fez with local guide and transport: 125 Euros (aprox. 6 hrs).

First day: Tarifa - Tangier - Chefchaouen
8:00 AM - Presentation at the port of Tarifa. You have to pick up the boarding cards at at the desk of FRS.
9:00 AM - Fast ferry leaves to Morocco. Do not forget to stamp your passport at the desk of the police during the journey in the ferry (aprox. 35 minutes)
Upon arrival you will meet the local taxi driver.
Transfer to Chefchaouen by taxi.
Check-in at the Riad Assilah and free time.
OPTIONAL: Visit to Chefchaouen with local guide: 25 Euros.

Second day: Chefchaouen - Tangier - Fez
10.00 AM - Pick up at Riad Assilah and transfer to the train station in Tangier.
1.05 PM - Train departs to Fez.
5.35 PM - Arrival to Fez and transfer to Hotel "Sofia".
Dinner at Hotel "Sofia".

Third day: Fez
Free time.
OPTIONAL: Visit to Fez with local guide and transport: 125 Euros (aprox. 6 hrs). Guided tour to Fez with a local guide. You begin the tour with a panoramic tour of the city, including a visit to Merinide Tombs. Later you continue on to Fez el Jedid to see the Alauita plaza and the dar el Makhzen. After that you take the bus to Fez el Bali where you visit the spice vendors. A truly impressive part of the city where the fragrances and perfumes cast a spell on the every tourist, inviting them closer. You finish the morning visiting the Madraza el Attarin, masterpiece of Islamic artistry, and the Es Seffarin plaza near the leather tanners. You even visit the plaza de Nejjarin where the famous founduk is located and we will visit madraza of Bounania. You will continue towards the seat Is Seffarin to finish the morning in the district of the tanners and to see the tenneries. Return to the hotel.
Dinner at Hotel "Sofia".

Fourth day : Fez - Tangier - Tarifa
9.30 AM - Meet in the lobby with luggage ready for check-out.
Transfer to the train station.
10.20 AM - Train departs to Tangier.
2.55 PM - Arrival to Tangier and transfer to the port of Tangier.
5:00 PM - Fast Ferry leaves to Tarifa.
8.00 PM - Arrival to Tarifa. End of our services.

Obligatory to bring your passport to participate on this tour.