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Excursion to Asilah from Tarifa
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Day trip to Asilah from Spain

Visit Asilah and discover this charming artistical seaside village with our day trip excursion.

Asilah, pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, a quiet seaside resort town within Portuguese walls that once enclosed it. City of ASILAH, MOROCCOpoets and painters, birthplace of Raissuli. Touched by the sea, Asilah is like a water color painting at sunset, where people get together to end the day by watching the sunset from a fort tower along the coast. A day trip to Asilah is a perfect excuse if you want to disconect from the world and relax.

Enjoy the beauty of this small fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, famous for its many beaches. Taste the exquisite local food made from the finest and freshest seafood. Shop and bargain in the bazaar. Experience with this excursion to Asilah another culture and the great hospitality offered to foreigners by the locals.

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Once in Tarifa, you need to look for the sign "Port". The port is very well located near the city centre. You can park your car inside the port (about 12 €). Look for the "FRS" desk where you will get your tickets with the voucher we will send to you.

  • 8:00 AM - Meet at the port of Tarifa.
  • You have to pick up the boarding cards at the FRS desk.
  • 9:00 AM - Express ferry leaves to Morocco. Do not forget to have your passport stamped at the police desk during the ferry ride (aprox. 35 minutes).
  • Upon arrival you will meet with the driver. Then the panoramic sightseeing tour around the city will begin, including the Espartel Cape and Grotto of Hercules. We will stop for photos and camel rides (camel rides costs around 1 €) and then head up to Asilah.
  • The day continues with free time to explore on your own.
  • Back to the port of Tangier.
  • 6:30 PM (*local time) - Depart by express ferry to Tarifa.
  • 8:30 PM - Arrival to Tarifa.


  • Express ferry tickets from Tarifa to Tangier and back to Tarifa (35 minutes).
  • Private transportation by taxi.
  • Cancellation insurance fees (available for purchase).
  • Camel ride: In case that you are interested, you will have to pay 1€ to the camels responsibles.

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It is mandatory to bring your passport with the expiry date of  at least 6 months!


Photo Gallery

  • Visita-Playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Viajes-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visitar-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visita-Medina-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visitar-Medina-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Viaja-Medina-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Oferta-Asilah-Marruecos-desde Sevilla
  • Pasea-camello-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Recorre-calles-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visita-Playa-de-las-cuevas-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Pasea-caballo-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visita-medina-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Ir-tiendas-Medina-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Visita-Costa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Vacaciones-Playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Oferta-viaje-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Viaja-barato-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Oferta-viaje-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Oferta-viaja-Asilah-playa-Marruecos-atardecer
  • Viaja-playa-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Paseo-camello-Asilah-Marruecos
  • Que-hacer-Marruecos-paseo-camello-playa-Asilah
  • Que-hacer-Marruecos-Visita-medina-ASILAH
  • Paseo-playa-camellos-ASILAH
  • Oferta-Vacaciones-playa-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
  • playa-salvaje-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
  • Visita-ciudad-ASILAH
  • Atardecer playa-espectacular-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
  • Arte-Marruecos-ASILAH
  • Viajar-Playas espectaculares-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
  • Arquitectura arabe-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
  • Donde viajar-ASILAH-MARRUECOS
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